This Army HIVE is now open again for visitors. No appointment is necessary but please ensure that ‘Hands, Face, Space’ is adhered to within the HIVE building and office to protect all visitors and staff. Alternatively our staff are available to answer your queries by email and telephone during the advertised office hours.

If you want to ensure that you receive the very latest information including official Army COVID19 advice and guidance to Serving Personnel and their Families, please sign up using the ‘Follow by Email’ link. We abide by the Data Protection Act and you can withdraw your permission to receive our emails at any time by using the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every update email you receive.

Please also see HIVE’s other social media platforms: www.facebook.com/ArmyHIVE and Army HIVE Twitter @ArmyHIVEinfo


Friday, 26 February 2021

Service Personnel Car Insurance - Check The Small Print


All Service Personnel with car insurance are reminded to check the small print of their policies.

Some companies have introduced clauses which exclude driving on MOD sites and military bases. If you are living on base, it is important that your insurance company is made aware of this.

To read more, click HERE

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Thinkuknow - Online Safety For Children & Parents/Carers

​​Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.

​Please click HERE to view the website.

Face Covering Exemption Cards

Some people can’t wear a face mask or covering because of a disability or severe distress. The link below provides Learning Disability Exemption Cards, Autism Exemption Cards and Parent and Child Exemption Cards.

Click HERE to download the PDF and print your exemption card.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Volunteering With The Commonwealth War Graves Commission


The Eyes On, Hands On (EOHO) project, which is funded by Annington Homes, enables those with an interest in our work to act as our eyes in their local area. Volunteers feedback information about the condition of war graves so our resources are best directed to headstones that need our attention. Volunteers will be able to visit local war grave sites in their area, to conduct inspections and play a vital role in helping us to maintain UK war graves.

To take into account social distancing rules some aspects of the project have had to be scaled back and we are currently focusing on the Eyes On element of our project.

Please note: we have reached capacity for Eyes On, Hands On volunteers in some areas of the country. A full list of areas where recruitment is currently paused can be found on the website. This list is regularly reviewed and areas may open up again when capacity is available, so check back regularly if your area is currently closed.

To find out more online, click HERE

COVID19 Response - Spring 2021 - The Roadmap Out Of Lockdown


Following the announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown, the Government has released a 68-page document detailing the plan, including key dates and activities.

Above are some useful visual guides from the report.

To read the document in full, please click HERE

MOD Estates - Fly Tipping

Fly tipping (the illegal dumping of waste) is a criminal offence, damages the environment, is anti-social, costs the MOD valuable resources to remove, and can be dangerous (such as hazardous waste or heavy items that could injure children). It is in everyone’s interest to dispose of waste correctly, and to help the authorities find and prosecute people who do not.

Act responsibly
If you have waste to dispose of, please act responsibly and take it to a local authority waste or recycling centre. Dumping items like furniture and fridges on your own patch or elsewhere is not only unsightly for your neighbours, it could be dangerous for local children. In addition, once an area gets a reputation for being a dumping site, it often encourages others to add to the pile.

Report it
If you witness any fly tipping activity in your area please report it to the relevant authorities – such as the Unit, Police or Local Authority (for nearby public areas). It will help if you make a note of the vehicle type, registration number or any other relevant information. However be careful; don’t challenge the fly tippers and don’t place yourself in harms way to gather evidence.

Get it removed
If the waste has been dumped in an SFA area, please report it to your relevant maintenance helpdesk who will remove it at MOD expense.

Monday, 22 February 2021

Are You Being Posted Abroad? The iHIVE Is Here To Help!

To visit the iHIVE blog, click HERE

Tips For Safeguarding Your Children’s Mental Health During Lockdown


This year has been tough for us all.

How many times have you heard or read that statement over the past 10 months? Rolling lockdowns, economic downturns and fluctuating R numbers can be disorienting and worrisome enough for adults, but what affect does it have on children?

Some of the statistics are, expectedly, bleak. An investigation into mental health by The Guardian, revealed that multiple indicators of children’s health and wellbeing had been negatively affected by lockdown.

A report by the Children’s Commissioner found that almost half (47%) of the 2,000 8- to 17-year-olds they surveyed, admitted they felt stressed almost every day during March of last year.

This is having a knock-on effect on disadvantaged children’s ability to learn. An Ofsted report found that the children hardest hit by the pandemic were regressing in basic skills, such as Maths and English.

Maintaining a child’s mental health in these trying times isn’t an easy task. After all, many adults will be acutely struggling as well.

To give a helping hand, HERE are some useful tips and resources from our own experiences, and from our partners, that will help you and your children cope, and even flourish during these trying times.

TogetherAll - Start Your Day Right


The last year has been challenging for us all. Our lives and routines have changed, and many are struggling to cope. Taking care of your mental health is important, now more than ever.

TogetherAll have put together some tips on how to start (and finish) your day right. Togetherall is FREE to all Serving Personnel, reservists, Veterans and UK military families (aged 16+).

To read more, click HERE

If you are unable to view the attached, please email colernehive@armymail.mod.uk and a copy can be emailed to you



Heropreneurs celebrates and rewards the energy, passion and dedication, of our British Armed Forces Community looking to forge a new path in business.

We are backed by successful entrepreneurs, politicians, Armed Forces veterans from all ranks and business leaders. We are the only registered charity in the UK which works exclusively to help former members of the Armed Forces, and their spouses, to fulfil their potential to set up and run their own businesses.

To visit the website, click HERE

Safeguarding Is Everyone's Business!


Please click image to enlarge

Wiltshire residents are being urged to get in touch if they are worried a child is suffering neglect or abuse, as the usual routes for reporting concerns are limited due to lockdown.

Wiltshire Council has received 300 fewer calls to its MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) from people worried about a child, as lockdown measures, schools closures and suspension of clubs and activities mean there are less opportunities for the signs of abuse to be identified and concerns to be shared.

Now, Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Police and partners are joining forces to ask the public to get in touch if they are worried something isn't quite right, in the knowledge that their concerns will be acted on.

For advice and support, click HERE

Friday, 19 February 2021

Latest Armed Forces NHS Briefing

To view this briefing in full, click HERE

If you are unable to view this document please email colernehive@armymail.mod.uk and a copy can be emailed to you

Safeguarding Alert - Social Networking Website Omegle


Following a recent press report about the dangers of the social networking website Omegle we are sharing a safeguarding alert.

Omegle is a free social networking website in which users are connected with other unknown users at random in order to chat via video, text or audio. This is known as a ‘virtual chatroom’. Omegle can be used for text and video chat. The concern with video chat is the user’s exposure to harmful or sexual content, as well as the young person’s ability to share their own sexual behaviour online. As with any webcam based platform, there is always a possibility that footage can be recorded, and possibly distributed, with or without the user’s knowledge.

The NSPCC online safety tab holds advice on this as it can be hard to know how to talk to your child about online safety. From setting up parental controls to advice on sexting, online games and video apps, we can help you to understand the risks and keep your child safe. To visit the NSPCC website click HERE

SFA Communications Update - Recall Of B&Q Fan Heaters Issued By Amey


B&Q GoodHome Colenso 2000W White Freestanding Fan Heaters are being recalled by the manufacturer as they have been identified as being a potential fire or electric shock risk.

Amey and its supply chain partners have supplied the fan assisted heaters across the NHP contract since September 2020 as a temporary heating solution when heating is not working in SFA.

If occupants have been supplied with the heaters since September 2020, DIO is urging them to contact the Amey helpdesk on 0800 7076000 or www.ameydefenceservices.co.uk/housing/contact-us/ as soon as possible. Amey will arrange to have the heaters collected and replaced with a suitable one if necessary.

If occupants have purchased a B&Q GoodHome Colenso 2000W White Freestanding Fan Heater since September 2020 for their SFA, B&Q advise they should take the Fan Heater out of use and return it to the store where the item was purchased for a full refund or, alternatively, call the manufacturer’s helpline:

UK: 0300 303 4482

ROI: 1800 946 327*

*Monday to Friday 8.30am–8pm, Saturday 9am–5pm and Sunday 10am–4pm.

DIO Message - SFA Update On Notices To Vacate


Last year, under the Coronavirus Act 2020, the government amended the Tenancy Act 2019 to introduce emergency measures to protect tenants during the Covid-19 pandemic. For Service personnel and their families remaining in SFA following the end of their entitlement, either due to leaving Service or estrangement, DIO followed government advice by pausing Notice to Vacate (NTV) action to regain possession of properties.

Following an amendment to the provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020, from 29 August 2020, landlords were able to recommence action to provide notice to their tenants. Until March 2021, landlords must provide six months’ notice before they can begin eviction proceedings. In line with this amendment, DIO has now recommenced the issuing of NTVs to Service personnel/families who have lost their entitlement to SFA since March 2020.

The Loss of Entitlement (LOE) team will be progressing all legal work, including court action - which could include seeking an Order for Possession - but will not be proceeding to eviction. This is in line with latest government guidance (click HERE to view) which is in place until at least 31 March 21. Until then, DIO is still issuing 6-month notices in line with the government guidance, as opposed to the normal 93 days until at least March 2021. This is to allow those Service personnel and families who have lost their entitlement more time to make alternative housing arrangements.

Since action was paused in March 2020, a backlog of cases has built up and DIO plans to spread the issue of NTVs over a 3-4 month period, starting with the oldest cases first. All occupants are aware that they have lost their entitlement to occupy SFA and DIO will continue to provide details of how they can find support and source alternative accommodation.

If affected Service Personnel and/or families have any concerns or enquiries then they should please contact DIO’s Loss of Entitlement Team at DIORDAccn-LOETeam@mod.gov.uk.

Virtual AWS Community Support Activities Including New Fun & Games!

0-5 year olds

5-8 year olds

7-12 year olds

11+ years

All ages welcome

Please click images to enlarge

Some of these sessions are run from the Scotland Team however are available to all military families

Chippenham Fringe Festival - Friday 26th Feb-Sunday 7th Mar


To find out more and book your activities, click HERE

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Army Career Policy Portal Launched

SSAFA Support Groups For Bereaved Families


SSAFA offers three support groups, providing events which facilitate peer support, a safe space to grieve and an opportunity for respite.

These support groups provide a network of people who have been through a similar tragedy, giving you the opportunity to talk though your emotions with an understanding compassionate group.

To find out more online, click HERE

New Lung Cancer Campaign


Despite lung cancer being the third most common cancer in England, suspected lung cancer referrals remain lower than normal.

As of December 2020, lung cancer referrals had reached 73% of pre-COVID levels, while referrals for all cancers were just over 100%.

If you’ve had a cough for three weeks or more, and it isn’t COVID-19, it could be a warning sign. Contact your GP practice-it may be nothing serious, but finding cancer early makes it more treatable.

Your NHS is here to see you, safely, during the pandemic.

To find out more about lung cancer symptoms and treatment options, click HERE to visit the NHS website

BFBS Veterans Survey

To have your say, click HERE

Future Accommodation Model - Baseline Survey Findings

Please click image to enlarge

If the text is too small for you, please click HERE to view the document in a different format (if you still cannot see the document please email colernehive@armymail.mod.uk and a copy can be emailed to you)

'Shared Days' From Shared Lives Wiltshire


Shared Lives Wiltshire is broadening its reach so more people can benefit from its ethos of building meaningful relationships with a carer and their family and connecting with their local community.

While Shared Lives carers normally share their homes with the people they support on a long-term or respite basis, Shared Days carers share their days with them. From learning independent skills such as cooking and seeking employment, or pursuing a new hobby, this day support service empowers individuals to build meaningful relationships and do what matters most to them.

To find out more online, click HERE

Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Dads & Football Project

​If you are interested in getting involved contact dadsandfootball@mentalhealth.org.uk​

Five Border Control Measures To Stop The Spread Of COVID19


Please click image to enlarge

To find out more on the Gov.uk website, click HERE

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Thinking Out Loud - A New Newsletter From The RAF Mental Health Network


The RAF Mental Health Network has launched an interactive newsletter called ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and is now available online.

Find out about how the RAF Mental Health Network (RAFMHN) operates, what’s happened recently across the RAF on mental health themed events, projects, spotlights on ‘Colleagues Corner’ – even an opportunity to take on some roles within the network.

To read the first edition online, click HERE

Corshams Pound Arts Centre's 'Feel Good Pack'


We all have some days where we feel more energised, optimistic, able to work at our best. Other days life feels much gloomier and more difficult to face.

The Pound Arts Centre have put this ‘Feel Good Pack’ together to encourage you to take some time to consider what we all need in our lives to remain at our best and to suggest a few things you might be able to do to help keep yourself well and fulfilled.

To read more and to download the pack, click HERE

RSPCA Education - Inspiring The Next Generation Of Animal Lovers


The end of home-schooling may be on the horizon but in the meantime, if you're looking for something a bit different do to, the RSPCA have a wealth of online resources kids will love!

From interactive games and worksheets to lesson plans, there’s loads to inspire and inform. Or for some screen-free fun, your child could subscribe to the junior magazine, Animal Action, for £7.50 a year.

Interested? To find out more, including downloaded lesson plans and resource packs, click HERE

Are Your Blinds Safe?

It can take just 15 seconds for a toddler to lose consciousness if they become entangled in a blind cord - and they can die in just two to three minutes.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust website has a wealth of safety advice for your family. To visit the site, click HERE

Mindfulness Resources From Little Troopers


Little Troopers have launched a pack of five mindfulness sessions to help children at school and at home. Homeschooling and lockdown is making mindfulness and connecting with nature hard at the moment and that's why they wanted to add this free resource to their Secondary School Resource Hub. The pack includes five sessions with guidance sheets, notes and activities which can all be used in school or at home. It is aimed at Secondary School children but activities may also be appropriate for younger children.

Click HERE to download these resources in PDF form (please email colernehive@armymail.mod.uk if you are unable to view the document)

To visit the Little Troopers website, where military families will find lots of ideas, crafts, activities and support, click HERE

Lockdown Activity List To Help Keep Primary-Aged Children Active During Half-Term


The half-term holiday is upon us and we know parents and carers have been going above and beyond with the challenging task of keeping children entertained and active at home.

The government wants to support parents, carers and families even further which is why today, Children and Families Minister Vicky Ford is launching the Lockdown Activity List to provide primary-aged children with a list of suggested activities, all of which can all be done in a lockdown-friendly way over the February half-term.

Parentkind will be posting activities on social media daily. Do use the #LockdownActivityList hashtag on social media to share your stories or photos and see what other families are getting up to. How many can you tick off the list?

To read more online click HERE