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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Future Accommodation Model - One Year On


It’s now been a year since the launch of the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot. So far, FAM has given over 1,000 personnel across three pilot sites (HMNB Clyde, Aldershot Garrison & RAF Wittering) financial support and more choice over where, how and with whom they live.

FAM allows eligible Service personnel at pilot sites to choose a variety of accommodation options to suit their specific needs. That could mean being entitled to receiving additional financial support to rent or buy in a place that suits their desired lifestyle - whether that’s closer to a buzzy town centre, nearer the peace of village life or simply buying a home to put down roots and have more stability for loved ones. Or remaining in Single Living Accommodation (SLA) or Service Family Accommodation (SFA), now with widened entitlements for those in Established Long Term Relationships (LTR(E)) and those who have visitation of their children over 80 nights.

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