Due to the current COVID19 situation this Army HIVE is closed but our staff continue to work from home and are available during office hours to answer your queries by email. Colerne HIVE is also contactable via phone.

If you want to ensure that you receive the very latest information including official Army COVID19 advice and guidance to Serving Personnel and their Families, please sign up using the ‘Follow by Email’ link. We abide by the Data Protection Act and you can withdraw your permission to receive our emails at any time by using the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every update email you receive.

Please also see HIVE’s other social media platforms: https://www.facebook.com/ArmyHIVE and Army HIVE Twitter @ArmyHIVEinfo


Friday, 30 October 2020

In Front Newsletter - Issue 5

To read issue five online click HERE

Delays In SFA Compensation Payments

If you are expecting a Service Family Accommodation (SFA) compensation payment, please note that delays are being experienced due to constraints caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

Delays are being experienced in processing claims for SFA Missed Appointments and Move-In failures. This is due to the constraints caused by the COVID19 pandemic and has been compounded by the voucher provider being unable to issue vouchers during the lockdown period.

Amey and Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) are working hard to return to normal processing times and have seconded additional staff to assist. Please be assured all claims will be reviewed, and individuals will receive notification of the outcome in due course.

They apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued patience.

Broadband Providers Drop Cancellation Fees For Armed Forces Personnel

Mark Lancaster, Minister for Defence Veterans, Reserves and Personnel has announced that Armed Forces personnel will no longer have to face cancellation fees for their broadband and media packages when posted overseas or to another part of the UK not covered by their current provider.

The commitment from the UK’s biggest broadband providers representing 95 per cent of Britain’s broadband market comes into force immediately, and will benefit tens of thousands of forces households in the UK and abroad.

The change agreed to under the tenets of the Armed Forces Covenant includes BT, EE, Plusnet, Talk Talk and Virgin Media, who have all committed to treating military personnel fairly when cancelling their contracts.

Up until now, members of the Armed Forces deployed overseas or to different part of the UK not covered by their provider could be forced to pay a cancellation fee. They will no longer have to face this cost and be disadvantaged due to the mobile nature of service life

The Minister for Defence Veterans, Reserves and Personnel said:

“Our Armed Forces are sent all over the world and across the country to help keep our country safe and they should never be disadvantaged because of this. The removal of cancellation fees by leading broadband providers is yet another example of the Covenant in action, which is making sure our brave personnel are treated fairly. It’s a welcome move and we’re looking forward to seeing what more British businesses can do to support our military.”

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or have previously served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly and not disadvantaged by their service. Delivery partners include businesses and trade bodies, charities and community organisations, local authorities and government departments.

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Samaritans How We Can Help The Military - Armed Forces Guide

Being in the Armed Forces means that you are exposed to a higher degree of risk and pressure than you might expect in other jobs, but we've got some practical information on how to look out for your teammates, how to discuss things with them and where to go for more support.

Support your team – stand by your mates

To read the Armed Forces guide online, click HERE

Alternatively to read more on the website, click HERE

Wiltshire Trading Standards

Recen product recalls and alerts include:

-Pedigree Christmas Snack Ball box
-Aldi rechargeable torch
-Mermaid princess dolls
-Mamakids baby walker
-Helian baby walker
-Foam puzzle playmat
-3 in 1 hot air brush
-Asda kids dressing gowns

For further details like the 'Wiltshire Trading Standards' page on Facebook.

Alternatively to visit the website, click HERE


Career Transition Partnership - Resettlement Guides

CTP have a wide variety of Resettlement Guides on their website, designed to help you feel prepared in your transition. There are guides dedicated to interview techniques, finances and housing, as well as CV Writing and much more.

Click HERE to view

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

HIVE Stories On Facebook


As part of a series of staff stories from HIVE, we are sharing a number of stories in the coming weeks on our Army HIVE Facebook page at the link below.

Each story provides a personal account of working for HIVE, feeling empowered and delivering the HIVE service to our customers across the UK and overseas.

To read the latest story click HERE

BFBS Radio's Team Talk Podcast For Military Families Is Back!

Team Talk has returned to BFBS Radio for a second series of weekly recordings, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust and featuring the voices and views of military families and their children. 

Over the next six weeks the programme will focus on life in lockdown, offering support to those struggling and highlighting real life case studies, such as the effects that COVID/lockdown has had on families and individuals in remote locations, plus any effects on the mental and physical health of the wider military community.

Team Talk is presented by Charlie Fife and Jill Misson and is a TBI Media production for BFBS. Each week Charlie Fife and Jill Misson will talk to people from across the forces world who have overcome separation and isolation during the crisis.

They’ll be celebrating “Lockdown Victories” with children from forces families and hearing from celebrities about how they have been spending their time at home.

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or by visiting the website HERE and clicking the small blue icon at the top of the page.

New Option To Serve Unaccompanied Overseas Announced


The MOD has released a new directed letter which gives families, who have children or are CEA claimants, the option to serve unaccompanied and be classed as involuntarily separated (INVOLSEP) until the end of April 2021.

If the option is taken, your family will be entitled to INVOLSEP rates of Longer Separation Allowance (LSA), unaccompanied rates of Living Overseas Allowance (LOA), and Get You Home Overseas (GYH(O)), and also retain eligibility for removals and Disturbance Expense (DE) for a delayed move.

To read the details in full online, click HERE and see item number one entitled 'are you and your family due to be poster overseas'

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Army Diversity & Inclusion


Every unit in the British Army has a trained D&I advisor who ensures that their unit has an inclusive culture and assists the Commanding Officer in supporting those who are treated unacceptably. They lead on informal resolution and signpost the many organisations that are there to support our soldiers including the Speakout confidential helpline and the Army Mediation Service.

To read more online including information on employee support networks and external partnerships, click HERE

Mindfulness - Bringing Your Mind & Body Together

Everyone is stressed. Everyone has pressures. And it is hard to slow down in this fast-paced world.

Mindfulness helps you to focus on the present, rather than focusing on the past.

Welcome to the Army’s Mindfulness Course which has been available to serving Army personnel for some time, but it has now been opened up to a wider audience. Although this is an eight-week course, and it will be rolled out over eight weeks, it is designed so you can go at your own pace

To access the course please click HERE

Latest NHS Armed Forces Briefing


To read more online, click HERE

If you cannot open the attached document on a MODnet device please email colernehive@armymail.mod.uk and a copy will be emailed to you

Army HIVE - Keeping You Informed During COVID19 & Beyond


Please click image to enlarge

To visit the HIVE section of the Army website as mentioned above, click HERE

To visit the Facebook page, click HERE

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Service Leavers' Guide - Revised October 2020

To read this updated guide online, click HERE

Military Wives Choirs - 2021 Spring Concert Series

To visit the Military Wives Choir website, click HERE

Meningitis - Don't Ignore The Signs


There are cases of measles and mumps in the UK. Two doses of MMR vaccination is the only prevention. Get all the facts you need on measles and mumps to protect your family and friends HERE

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Royal Mail - How To Send An Item With Click & Drop

Please click images to enlarge

To read further information, click HERE

Health Secretary Warns Of Long-Term Effects Of COVID19 As New Film Released

The Health Secretary is urging the public – and especially young people – to follow the rules and protect themselves and others from COVID19, as new data and a new film released today reveal the potentially devastating long-term impact of the virus.

The emotive film features the stories of Jade, 22, Jade, 32, Tom, 32 and John, 48, who explain how their lives have been affected – weeks and months after being diagnosed with COVID19. They discuss symptoms such as breathlessness when walking up the stairs, intermittent fevers and chest pain. The film aims to raise awareness of the long-term impact of COVID19 as we learn more about the virus.

For further information click HERE

Share Your Views On Dental Services In The South West


To complete this survey online click HERE

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Wiltshire Family & Community Learning - November 2020 Courses

Upcoming courses November 2020

Please click images to enlarge

To visit the website, click HERE

Alternatively to visit the regularly updated Facebook page, click HERE


Introducing Headspace – A New Service For The Families Of Serving Royal Navy & Royal Marines Personnel


Dealing with challenges is part and parcel of Naval family life, but in these strange times, with the whole country having to deal with the effects and uncertainties of an evolving pandemic, some members of those Naval families might benefit from some extra support.

The NFF is delighted to offer families free access to the Headspace App for a twelve-month pilot, starting in November 2020.

COVID19 has brought many additional new challenges, such as home-schooling, working from home and being apart from our usual network of family and friends.

We believe that the Headspace App can help, by giving you the skills you need to be able to focus on your own health and wellbeing.

The pilot has the strong support of Navy Command, who absolutely recognise the huge value Service families add through supporting their loved ones, and who are a crucial enabler in the Royal Navy’s ability to continue to deliver successfully on operations.

To read more on the Naval Families Federations website, click HERE

Forces Families NHS Focus Groups


AFF 23rd November 1800-1900hrs

AFF 24th November 1000-1130hrs

Royal Navy families should follow the Naval Families Federation website or Facebook page as no focus group dates have been released yet. To visit the Facebook page, which also links to the website, click HERE

You can also access the NHS survey HERE

RBLI Zoom Art Club - Every Friday 2pm-3pm


RBLI invites you to join their Zoom Art Club! This remote club is an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and share your knowledge with the group.
No special skills or materials required just a pen/pencil and some paper. Enjoy learning new skills and find relaxation in creating something. All ability levels welcome!

To join the club please contact Eni Silveira by emailing eni.silveira@rbli.co.uk or by calling 07977 148 150.

To visit the RBLI's Facebook page, click HERE

Monday, 19 October 2020

Autumn Holiday Childcare & Activities For 5-12 Year Olds

Parents looking for childcare and activities during the Autumn half term for their 5 – 12-year olds can now find a wealth of opportunities on the Wiltshire Council website.

The resource has been developed to support those families with vulnerable children and children of key workers who may need to organise additional childcare during the holiday.

We asked local providers to send details of their activities including charges, venues and dates to help parents plan how to keep children busy during the Autumn holiday.

We have also asked all providers to ensure they have the necessary protocols and checks in place including procedures that enable them to adhere to the latest government guidance on social distancing. Parents are reminded to always thoroughly research any childcare provision themselves before booking places for their children.

Families are advised to keep up to date with latest government guidance as they plan their half term holidays.

To visit the website, click HERE

Local COVID19 Alert Levels For The Clinically Extremely Vulnerable


Please click image to enlarge

Clinically extremely vulnerable people in England will receive new guidance to help them reduce their risk from COVID-19, tailored to where they live.

The guidance will be tied into the new local COVID alert levels framework, meaning those at the highest risk of serious illness from the virus will receive specific advice depending on the level of risk in their local area, as COVID-19 rates continue to rise.

Wiltshire is in the ‘Medium’ tier so the clinically extremely vulnerable must strictly observe social distancing, meet others outside where possible, limit unnecessary journeys on public transport and work from home where possible, but they can still go to work and children should still attend school. This is on top of restrictions for everyone to only meet in groups of up to 6 people.

If anyone needs help and do not have any family, friends or neighbours who can support them please let us know. Our Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub is here to help with deliveries of food and other essentials and loneliness and wellbeing.

You can request this help by calling our helpline on 0300 003 4576 or via email at wellbeinghub@wiltshire.gov.uk. The Wellbeing Hub team are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

To read more on the Gov.uk website, click HERE

AFF Continued Support For Non UK National Victims Of Domestic Abuse


Thanks to a grant from the Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund, AFF's Foreign & Commonwealth team will continue to offer a bespoke immigration service, across all three services, for F&C spouses and partners who are leaving abusive relationships.

AFF offers visa advice to all F&C families, but this grant enables us to provide additional services for victims of domestic abuse, such as completing immigration forms on their behalf, writing supporting documentation and liaising with support agencies and the Home Office.

Securing these spouses’ and partners’ immigration status is key to ensuring that they can leave abusive relationships and have access to the benefits and support they require.

To read more online, click HERE

Latest NHS Armed Forces Briefing


To view this 3-page document in full online, click HERE

If you are unable to view the attachment from a MODnet device please email colernehive@armymail.mod.uk and a copy can be emailed to you

Friday, 16 October 2020

Seasonal Pet Advice


For seasonal advice to help keep pets and local wildlife safe, please click the following links:


Blue Cross


Leaving Or Left The Armed Forces? Support From Wiltshire Council


Leaving the Army soon?

Wiltshire has a history of working with the military and supporting a positive discharge plan for those leaving the Forces and settling in to civilian life. They have produced a leaflet 'Leaving the Armed Forces' which identifies the housing options available and has information about military charities.

To read the above leaflet in full, click HERE

National Adoption Week - 12th-18th October


Adoption gives children a second chance of stability, permanence, and the love and nurture that all children need. The outcomes for adopted children are better than for those who stay in care. However, adoption is not a silver bullet. The trauma suffered in early childhood is carried with children into their adoptive families. Those families need consistent, specialist support to help them give their adopted children the best possible chance of a brighter future.

If you are considering adopting into your family, please see the links below for organisations that can help to support, inform and guide you through the process-


Adoption West

Adoption UK

Thursday, 15 October 2020

DWP Debt Management Update For Universal Credit Claimants

In order to help claimants better direct their queries, the DWP Debt Management phone number is being removed from the Universal Credit claimant statement and replaced by signposting to a new GOV.UK page, which can be found HERE

This new page includes a new tool which will allow claimants to self-serve to find the correct department to contact about any money taken off their Universal Credit. This tool can be found HERE

Scotty's Little Soldiers - Free Overwatch Episode Available To View Online


For a limited time only, Scotty's Little Soldiers have made the third episode of their 'Overwatch' series free to view.

Overwatch by Scotty’s Little Soldiers is an opportunity to do the right thing and look out for the children they leave behind. Become a member of the Overwatch community and help provide long term support to the children of the fallen.

You can sign up to Overwatch by pledging a monthly donation to help support bereaved British Forces children. 100% of your donation will go direct to the Scotty’s Little Soldiers Family Programmes as they cover their core costs from other fundraising activities, meaning your donations go straight where they are needed most.

To view episode three, please click play on the video below. Alternatively to visit the website, click HERE

Cruse Bereavement Care - Signposting Pack


To view this pack online, click HERE

Alternatively to see further resources on the Cruse website, click HERE

If you are on a MODnet device and unable to view the attached signposting pack, please email colernehive@armymail.mod.uk and a copy can be emailed to you

Domestic Abuse - The Effect On Children

Please click images to enlarge

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

FAO Visitors To Colerne Community Centre


Please be aware that Welfare have setup a QR code to enable a quick 'trace and trace' sign-in when visiting the Community Centre (please note the above image is just an example and is not a substitute for track and trace)

The QR code is located in the main corridor which you must walk past to visit either the HIVE/CDW/youth room or the Welfare office. You will also find handwashing facilities in the main corridor.

Please note that visitors should also wear masks through the Community Centre, unless eating, drinking or medically exempt.

Wiltshire Health Improvement Hub


Wiltshire Council is launching the new Wiltshire Health Improvement Hub which will assist people who want to improve their health and mental wellbeing.

The Wiltshire Health Improvement Hub will utilise Health Improvement Coaches that can support people to make practical changes to improve their health and mental wellbeing through one-to-one support.

The new service builds on the success of the current Health Trainer Service which has been running since 2014, and has supported 5000 people in Wiltshire to lose weight and eat a healthy diet, increase physical activity, reduce alcohol intake, stop smoking and improve emotional wellbeing.

The Health Improvement Hub will be a single point of access for referrals to the Health Improvement Coaches, Healthy Me (child and family weight management service), and our new group adult weight management programme, Healthy Us, due to launch January 2021.

To read more online, click HERE

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

MOD Issues Updated Safeguarding JSP (v5)


JSP 834 provides direction and guidance on the safeguarding principles and procedures that apply to all people in Defence, both in the UK and overseas and highlights that safeguarding remains a key responsibility of the Chain of Command.

The policy scope has been extended from children and young people to include adult safeguarding and is designed to be used by everyone in Defence, including staff who have particular roles and responsibilities for safeguarding.

The JSP is structured in 2 parts:

Part 1: Directive, which provides the direction that is to be followed in accordance with mandated policy and statutory responsibilities.

Part 2: Guidance, which provides practical guidance to assist the user in complying with part 1.

To read more online, click HERE

Coronavirus (COVID19) In The UK - Summary & Cases Per Area


The above image is taken from the official UK Government website for data and insights on Coronavirus (COVID19).

The latest R number is estimated at 1.2 - 1.5 with a daily growth rate range of 4% to 9%. Data is also available to download as an easy to read document.

Please note this information is a 7–day rolling rate of new cases by specimen date ending on 07 Oct 2020.

Please click HERE to visit the website

Local COVID Alert Levels


Please click images to enlarge

Wiltshire is currently at a MEDIUM level as of 13/10/20.

For further guidance, including a postcode checker for local COVID alert levels, click HERE

Finding & Thanking Our WWII Veterans


Please click image to enlarge

To visit the website mentioned above, click HERE

NHS 'Help Us, Help You' Cancer Campaign