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Friday, 24 July 2020

COVID19 Impact Survey For All MOD Staff

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We are aware that the requirements for lockdown have made working conditions and patterns very different for all of our Army and Civil Servant employees. We are keen to find out how this has impacted on you, what any of the benefits or problems might be, and to understand your experiences of the lockdown period so far. This will allow us to look at any particular circumstances or experiences that might be having a significant effect, and we can look at how we might be able to mitigate some of these.

To gather this information, we have designed a short survey which will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Your involvement with this study is entirely voluntary, but by participating you will allow us to understand any issues, so we can look to provide and support sustainable working conditions in the medium and longer term.

This survey is anonymous and there will be no way of identifying you as an individual from your survey responses. We have asked for some information in terms of your employing organisation and background (age, marital status, gender, etc.) so that we can better understand how lockdown may have impacted differently on different cohorts of people.

We will not be reporting any findings which impact on anonymity. The survey is being centrally run by Army Personnel Research and Consultancy (APRC) and Defence Statistics, with collaboration and support from Navy, Air, Head Office and Strategic Command. Your survey responses will only be seen by the Civil Service researchers in the study group. We will provide an overview of the findings on various Army and MOD channels once they have been analysed.

To complete the survey, click HERE