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Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Common Questions About The HIVE Blog

Q.I sometimes forget to check the HIVE Blog, so how can I sign up to receive daily alerts so I don't miss any new updates on the blog? 

A. Simply enter your email address in the ‘Follow by Email’ box, (top - left hand panel) click ‘submit’, and follow the activation procedure to receive a notification email/alert every day that the Blog is updated. Alternatively contact the HIVE and they will do it on your behalf. 
By using the alert gadget, you will never miss any posts that may be of interest.

Q.There is a lot of information on the HIVE Blog, so I can’t find what I want very easily as it takes ages to scroll through it.

A. You can browse the list of posts in the ‘Blog Archive’ on the bottom left hand side of the homepage or click on a specific label heading on left hand panel.
Alternatively, you can use the Blog Search box.  For example, if you wanted to find out about information on employment in the local area  just type Job vacancy into the box and relevant posts will be displayed.

Q. I would like to put information on the blog such as a event I am organising. I have a poster and would like to upload it for the local community to see.   

A. Simply contact the HIVE by phone or email (details are on the right hand panel of the blog home page) and your poster or information will be uploaded for you - free of charge. 

If you have any:

-contributions to the blog
-any event or activity you would like to see featured
-questions or queries regarding anything featured or questions about what is on in the local area

Please contact  colernehive@armymail.mod.uk or call 
07973 723221

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