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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Steering Clear Of Indecent Images Of Under 18s - Know The Law

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Viewing, sharing and distributing indecent images of under-18s online is illegal. Research shows that not everyone knows the law and may be reluctant or embarrassed to ask. We also know that the age of people in pictures isn't always clear, so even if you think someone is over-18 in a picture, they may not be.

Marie Collins Foundation, in partnership with HM Government and Internet Watch Foundation, has launched an education campaign to highlight the harm caused to child victims of online sexual abuse and to raise awareness about the law.

Targeted at males aged 18-24, the campaign is designed to inform and help young men use the internet safely, for their own sake and for the protection of under-18s who have been abused and/or coerced into being in indecent pictures that are shared online. We also want to give young men the tools and confidence to report any indecent images of children they may encounter online.

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