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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Are You Being Treated Unfairly Because You Are Part Of An Armed Forces Family?

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CLICK HERE for further information

Postnatal Depression - Symptoms & Treatment

To visit the NHS website,

Sorted! - Employment Support For Service Leavers & Military Spouses

SORTED! comprises of seven well established charities, which provide a wide range of employment related services and support for the Forces community (including spouses/partners and dependants) to find and stay in work.

 These services have now been integrated into seamless employability support and guidance.

For further details CLICK HERE 

The Armed Forces Covenant - Veterans

to read this leaflet online

The Dad Pad!

New Dads in Wiltshire, B&NES and Swindon can now get support in the early weeks of fatherhood with the launch of this new mobile app. The aim of the app is to support dads to enjoy their new babies and feel more confident about fatherhood.

CLICK HERE to visit the website where you can read more information and download the app onto your device

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Moving Around The Country & Going To The Bottom Of NHS Waiting Lists?

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CLICK HERE for further details

What Can The Armed Forces Covenant Do For Service Families?

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For further information, CLICK HERE

Applying For UK Settlement - Armed Forces

Apply to settle in the UK - HM Forces category

 Please CLICK HERE for the full details and guidance on the Gov.uk website. 

Guidance is also available on the Army Families Federation website:

-For Citizenship queries, CLICK HERE
-For Visa queries, CLICK HERE

Status Of EU Citizens In The UK - What You Need To Know

Information for European Union citizens living in the UK

CLICK HERE for the full details on the Government website.

The above webpage will be updated with the latest information about the status of European Union (EU) citizens and their families in the UK.

Child Death Prevention Newsletter - Drowning

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Armed Forces Personnel Tax Refunds

Armed Forces or MOD Personnel can claim military tax refunds on travel expenses for temporary postings of under 24 months, even outside the UK.

Using your own vehicle or public transport counts towards your MOD tax rebate claim.

To read more on the website, CLICK HERE

Veterans' Badge & Medals

You can get an Armed Forces Veterans badge if you’ve served in any of the UK Armed Forces - there’s no fee.

You can apply if you were in the:

-Royal Navy 
-Royal Marines 
-Royal Air Force (RAF) 
-Volunteer or Regular Reserves 

You can’t apply if you:

-Served in the Armed Forces of another country 
-Served alongside the UK Armed Forces, for example in the Canadian Navy or Royal Australian Air Force

    You’ll usually get your Veterans badge within 6 to 8 weeks of applying.

    For information on how to apply for a Veterans badge,

    Monday, 29 July 2019

    Happy Families, Happy Futures - Now Accepting Referrals In Wiltshire

    This programme includes a range of interventions to support parents, together or separated with relationships that feature conflict.

    The term 'parent' means:

    -Expectant parents or parents whose youngest child is 18 years or younger, or whose child is disabled (under the Equality Act 2010) and aged 25 years of younger

    -Individuals with caring responsibilities including step parents, adoptive or foster parents, or those with a special guardianship order

    Parents are eligible based on the criteria that they:

    -Live in Dorset, Devon, Somerset or Wiltshire

    -Are experiencing a level of distress and conflict in their relationship with each other

    To get in touch, please see the contact details on the above posters.

    Alternatively to visit the website, CLICK HERE

    How Have You Been Feeling Lately?

    When it comes to emotions, it can sometimes be hard to recognise or admit that we're not feeling 100%.

    The NHS Moodzone website has wellbeing audio guides and practical information, as well as a mood self-assessment questionnaire.

    To visit the website, CLICK HERE

    Visa's & Citizenship - Discharge Information

    Leaving the Forces?

    Lots of information is available for Foreign & Commonwealth Service Leavers on the Army Families Federation website.

    CLICK HERE to visit the site

    RFEA - The Forces Employment Charity

    RFEA exists to provide life-long, life changing support, including jobs & training opportunities to Service leavers and Veterans, irrespective of circumstances, rank, length of service or the reason for leaving.

    Their Ex-Forces Programme provides career advice and job opportunities to all ex-military.

    As part of their Families Programme, they also offer advice & guidance for Civilian spouses and partners of serving Armed Forces and ex-Service Personnel.

    To find out more online, CLICK HERE

    BFPO Services Guide

    For details on how to use the British Forces Post Office, claim compensation, or how to use the Enduring Families Free Mail Service (EFFMS), please

    BFBS Player Live

    The BFBS Player Live is available to all entitled Serving Personnel. Users can access the BFBS Player via the Defence Gateway or the app's can be downloaded onto any iOS & Android device.

    For further details online, please 

    Friday, 26 July 2019

    Longleat Armed Forces Day Ticket

    Purchase a Longleat Day Ticket online and receive a 30% discount on standard prices.

    Available for members of the Army, Navy & RAF, including Veterans plus dependant and bereaved family members.

    A valid ID card must be presented on arrival to validate this offer (DDS cards are accepted)

    To book your tickets or find out more online,

    DLE eLearning Civilian Housing Options

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    Forces Connect South West

    The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

    Forces Connect South West is a local authority initiative that supports the delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant to the military community across the South West through effective partnerships.

    The site has been designed to simplify the identification, understanding and the pathways to accessing the right support when and where required. It also provides information and resources to help better understand the Armed Forces Covenant in the South West and nationally.

    To visit the website, CLICK HERE

    INtouch Communication Service


    INtouch powered by Neopost technology helps our armed forces stay in contact with home, ensuring that those special moments and important events are not missed whilst on active service.

    This simple, free-to-use service has been designed to be as user friendly as possible, whilst being flexible enough to meet your needs.

    For further information CLICK HERE

    Huggable Heroes

    CLICK HERE to visit the website

    Thursday, 25 July 2019

    Safety In Your SFA

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    Beat Stress, Feel Better - Men's Health

    A practical toolkit for men's self-care and peer support, 'Beat Stress, Feel Better' covers the key areas of wellbeing such as work, relationships and home life.

    To read the booklet online, CLICK HERE

    Standard & Early Learning Credits

    There are two main learning credit schemes available throughout your career in the Armed Forces.

    These are provided to support you in gaining educational or vocational qualifications in addition to your Service and trade training (see JSP 898).

    To visit the RBL's MoneyForce website, where you will find out more about the differences between Standard & Early Learning Credits,

    You can also find out more on the Quest magazine website. To visit the site,

    CTP Resettlement Guides

    These Resettlement Guides include useful reference documents, articles for further reading and comprehensive listings of links to external sites relevant to each topic. Topics include:

    -CV writing

    ...and many more.

    Some guides also include checklists to highlight the key points. Save the checklists to myPlan and use them as reminders of actions to be taken as you progress through your resettlement.

    The CTP Editorial team add new content regularly to provide you with pertinent information on all areas of resettlement.

    To view these guides online, CLICK HERE

    Victim Support - Have You Been Affected By Crime?

    Wednesday, 24 July 2019

    Have You Recently Moved To Hullavington Or Stanton St Quintin?

    Your local HIVE Information Support Officer Amy Tuck will be at

    Tea & Toast
    Thursday 5th September

    alongside AWS Community Support Development Worker, Amy Dallimore.

    Alternatively if you have moved to the area recently and have not received a HIVE welcome letter, please email your address to colernhive@armymail.mod.uk and a letter will be posted out to you.

    Please see the categories to the left of this page which show the kind of information HIVE holds, or enter a search term in the white box to explore the blog.

    You can also CLICK HERE for further information about the HIVE, plus military support services and a downloadable Forces family guide.

    Information For Families - Relocation/Moving

    The MOD's HIVE Information Service provides information on behalf of the chain of command to the Service community and welcomes enquiries from serving personnel, dependants, partners, extended families & the wider military community, including veterans & MOD civilians.

    CLICK HERE to find your nearest HIVE, either in the UK and abroad

    Tri-Service Disability & Additional Needs Policy

    JSP 820 provides policy for Service Personnel and their families on what they need to do if they have a disability or additional needs, and what to expect from overseas commands.

    To view JSP 820 online, CLICK HERE

    Have You Recycled All You Can?

    Armed Forces Covenant - What's In It For You?

    Please click image to enlarge

    To visit the AFC website, CLICK HERE

    Monday, 22 July 2019

    Personalised Care For Veterans In England

    NHS England & NHS Improvement, together with the Ministry Of Defence, have published the Personalised care for Veterans in England guide, which sets out a new personalised care approach for those Veterans who have a long term physical, mental or neurological health condition or disability.

    To read more online, CLICK HERE

    Pet Loss Support For Children

    Children and young people can become very attached to pets for a variety of reasons. When a pet dies, it may be a child or young person’s first experience of the death or loss of something close to them.

    They may feel that they have lost their best friend, an important member of their family and they may feel very sad and lonely.

    Feelings of numbness, disbelief and denial may be common. Sometimes anger or guilt may also be felt for something they did or said that makes them think they contributed to the death.

    The way in which children, young people and those around them deal with pet loss may lay the foundation for how they cope with other losses later in their life.

    If your child needs support in this situation, the Blue Cross offers some helpful advice and has useful leaflets and books which may help.

    To read more online, CLICK HERE

    Services Cotswold Centre - Corsham

    Please click images to enlarge

    Need accommodation for family members visiting over the summer holidays?

    The Services Cotswold Centre (SCC) is situated on the outskirts of Corsham, approx. six miles from Colerne.

    SCC provides short-term & emergency tri-service accommodation for any Serving Person (or MOD Civil Servant) and their family needing short-term housing for welfare purposes, home leave, upon discharge or between assignments.

    Alternatively you or your family can stay for just a short break in the country at £20 per night.

    For more details online, including a booking form and contact information, please CLICK HERE

    Excessive Speed Kills - Slow Down

    The school summer holidays are almost here and there will be plenty of little ones playing in the street in the warm weather.

    Please watch your speed and be careful on the country roads around Wiltshire.

    To read about the THINK! country roads campaign,

    Importance Of Dog Microchipping

    Having your dog microchipped can make a lot of difference when looking for and trying to identify a missing dog & since April 2016 it has been a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped by 8 weeks of age.

    Each microchip has a unique number that must be registered on a Government approved database along with information about your dog and you as its owner. If your dog is not registered on one of these databases you can be fined.

    It is important that the information is kept up-to-date so that if your dog does go missing, you can be contacted at the correct phone number or address.

    Reporting it to the police as soon as possible is also important, including making us aware of the microchip number so we can record this on our database. This will make it easier for us to identify any dogs that are found and check to see if they have been reported as missing or stolen.

    It is also recommended to record the loss or theft of your dog online using sites dedicated to finding lost and stolen dogs. Often these sites work with police and other organisations, such as local Neighbourhood Watch Groups and Vetinary practices, to try and find them.

    More information on microchipping your dog can be found on on the Government website-CLICK HERE to visit the website

    AFF - Supporting Foreign & Commonwealth Victims Of Domestic Abuse

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    To visit this section of the AFF website, CLICK HERE

    Army Engagement Group

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