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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Registering To Vote Anonymously - Domestic Abuse Victims/Survivors

With the elections coming up, it may be useful to remind you of the option for domestic abuse victims / survivors to apply to register to vote anonymously where they are concerned their safety will be compromised if their name and address appears on the electoral register
.To make an application for anonymous registration the person needs to complete an application form stating why their safety, or someone in the same household, would be at risk and then submit this with evidence to support the application.

The evidence can be a court document, for example a non-molestation order, DVPO etc or can by getting an ‘authorised person’ to ‘attest’ the application – authorise persons include a police Inspector; medical practitioner; registered nurse or a refuge manager to ‘attest’ the application.
Details about acceptable court orders to support the application can be found at: