Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Aqua Tikes-swimming lessons for parents and children in Bath

Aqua Tikes

With 5 years experience, Aqua Tikes offers baby and toddler swimming lessons in Bath. Teaching babies to swim for happiness, for health for life.

If you're thinking about baby swimming sessions, allow us to introduce you to Aqua Tikes' little family; Eddie, Lora and Zach...
Eddie & Zach fell in love with swimming when Zach was just 8 weeks old. Both Daddy and Zach enjoyed having lots of fun in the water, building their confidence and bonding. As he grew into a toddler, Zach really loved his swimming so he encouraged his mummy, Lora, to take him to classes as well.
Lora and Eddie enjoyed the whole experience of baby swimming lessons so much they decided that they wanted to introduce other parents to the joys of teaching their own little ones to swim in a safe and enjoyable environment – and so their second baby, Aquababies, was born.
Zach's now 7 and little Aquababies has grown up with him to become Aqua Tikes!
Why do Aqua Tikes recommend you take your little one swimming?
  • For happiness: Quality bonding time with baby, no distractions
  • For health: Great for baby’s cognitive and physical development
  • For life: A skill for life that might save a life
Teaching weekdays and at weekends in warm pools around Swindon Aqua Tikes offer unique family friendly lessons tailored to individuals within a class setting.
Aqua Tikes teach little ones from 10 weeks through to 5 years using lessons plans that have been developed from over 20 years of research and experience with the emphasis on:
  • Learning how to swim in a secure environment
  • Understanding how to stay safe in and around water
Photo Shoots:
Aqua Tikes also provide a wonderful underwater photography service. Get a fantastic keepsake (digital image) of your little one underwater from £40 and/or a mini film for just £15.
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